Frequently Asked Questions

We have separated our most frequently asked questions in to categories to help you find the answer quickly.

If you have a question for us that is not on the list below, you can contact us here.


Advertising With Us

  • Who can advertise on the Lodges4u website?
    • If you own or manage a Lodge, Log Cabin or Glamping Pod and rent this out to guests you can advertise on our website. We currently have listings from owners, holiday parks, and campsites advertising with us.
  • What rental properties can I advertise?
    • You can advertise any rental property that is classified as a Lodge, Log Cabin or Glamping Pod that is located anywhere within the United Kingdom.
  • How much does it cost to advertise with you?
    • We offer a range of advertising options at a fraction of what it would cost to take an advert out in your local paper. We also offer competitive rates for Holiday Parks and Campsites advertising with us, with packages starting from as little as £45 per listing. If you would like to discuss your advertising needs in more detail you can contact us here.
  • How do I receive booking enquiries from my listing?
    • Our built in messaging system forwards any guest enquiries direct to your email inbox and saves a copy of it in your owners dashboard. How you choose to respond to a guest enquiry is up to you. If your phone number or company website is displayed within your listing, guests may choose to contact you via this method also.
  • Can I take bookings and payments through your website?
    • Yes, if you would like to secure bookings and take payments via your listing then our website fully supports this function. All bookings made through our website is between you (the owner) and the guest and we have a separate set of booking terms and conditions for this. Please get in touch with us if this feature is something you wish to offer your guests.
  • Do I need to provide proof of ownership before advertising?
    • Yes, all private owners are required to provide proof of ownership before their listing is verified. Holiday parks and campsite details will also be validated to ensure these are genuine. We carry out these checks to give those using our site peace of mind that every effort have been made to authenticate listings advertised on our website.


General Questions

  • Who owns the properties listed on your website?
    • All Lodges, Log Cabins and Glamping Pods listed for hire are privately owned by an individual, or owned by the holiday park or campsite that is advertising these. We do not own or manage any properties listed on our site.
  • How do I contact the owner of a property advertised?
    • All the relevant contact information is displayed within the listing. There is also the option to send an email using the Contact Owner link. Some listings may also have a Book Now option where you can book the accommodation direct with the owner using our website. We are not party to the booking process.
  • If I make a booking who is my contract with?
    • The contract for the provision of the accommodation rental and related services ("Rental Services") is solely between the holiday maker and the relevant Owner. Our Company does NOT act as a booking agent on behalf of the Owner. A full list of our booking terms can be found here.
  • What areas of the UK do your listings cover?
    • Our website is a national site, so we have listings covering all areas of the United Kingdom. The search field is designed to only display the areas where we currently have live listings. This feature is designed to keep the website streamlined and to avoid guests spending time searching for areas that have no results.
  • How do I know if a listing is genuine?
    • Anyone who advertises on our website will have to provide proof of ownership before their listing becomes Verified. Advertises who we are satisfied have met our criteria will show as a Verified user. Although we make every effort to weed out fake listings, we do recommend that you personally verify an owners details before sending any form of payment if doing so away from our website.